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UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN Bar Code Fonts

InPath Barcode Fonts are a powerful bar code utility that seamlessly integrates with your software and database applications. This is the easiest and fastest way to create bar code labels


The "UPC-A barcode" is by far the most common and well-known symbology, at least in the United States. An UPC-A barcode is the barcode you will find on virtually every consumer good on the shelves of your local supermarket, as well as books, magazines, and newspapers. It is commonly called simply a "UPC barcode" or "UPC Symbol."

UPC-A encodes 11 digits of numeric (0 through 9) message data along with a trailing check digit, for a total of 12 digits of barcode data.

Manufacturer Code: The manufacturer code is a unique code assigned by the UCC Council to each manufacturer or company which distributes goods that will include a UPC-A barcode. All products produced by a given company will use the same manufacturer code. Again, the UCC Council is in charge of assigning manufacturer codes. A company may not choose one randomly or without consulting with the UCC Council since this would quickly result in multiple manufacturers using the same code.

Product Code: The product code is a unique code assigned by the manufacturer. Unlike the manufacturer code, which must be assigned by the UCC, the manufacturer is free to assign product codes to each of their products without consulting any other organization. Since the UCC will already have guaranteed that the manufacturer code is unique, the manufacturer need only make sure that they do not repeat their own product codes.

Check Digit: The check digit is an additional digit used to verify that a barcode has been scanned correctly. Since a scan can produce incorrect data due to inconsistent scanning speed, print imperfections, or a host of other problems, it is useful to verify that the rest of the data in the barcode has been correctly interpreted. The check digit is calculated based on the rest of the digits of the barcode. Normally, if the check digit is the same as the value of the check digit based on the data that has been scanned, there is a high level of confidence that the barcode was scanned correctly. The method of calculating the check digit will be discussed later in this page.

  • UPC-A: Used with consumer products in U.S.,12 characters
  • UPC-E: Short version of UPC symbol, 6 characters
  • EAN-13: Used with consumer products internationally, 13 characters
  • EAN-8: Short version of EAN-13, 8 characters
  • Bookland: Used to mark books with ISBN number

Compatible Applications: (Partial List)

MS Word, MS Excel, WordPerfect, Lotus Notes, MS Access, MS FoxPro, Oracle Reports, Crystal Reports, FileMaker, PageMaker, Illustrator, Freehand, Quark Express and more

Bar Code Fonts Formats are available for:

  • Windows XP & 95/98/NT/2000/ME (Truetype & Postscript)
  • Macintosh OS9 & OSX* (Truetype & Postscript)
  • UNIX/DOS HP PCL (PCL Softfonts)
  • Unix Postscripts (Postscript Type 1 & Postscript Type 3)
  • IBM AFP (Bounded & Unbounded Box)
  • Xerox (Centralized & Decentralized)

***Not Available for Download

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